Baltimore City Community Schools Initiative

Supporting Students, Families and Communities Together

What are Community Resource Schools?

A community school is a network of partnerships between the school and other community resources that promote student achievement and family and community well-being. Its integrated focus on academics, enrichment, health and social supports, youth and community development and family engagement leads to student success, strong families and healthy communities. Partnerships allow schools to become resources to the community and offer programs and opportunities that are open to all. 

Community Resource Schools have been in Baltimore for 6 years.  For the school year ’10-11, there are 20 Community Schools in Baltimore with a full-time site coordinator at each.  

The overall initiative goals are tangible and important to the entire Baltimore City community: 

  1. Children are ready and able to learn when they enter school and every day thereafter, feeling connected to school and community achieving higher standards leading to graduation.

  2. Young people are well prepared to be productive adults in the workplace, at their homes and to take their place as citizens of the world.

  3. Families and neighborhoods are connected, safe, supportive and engaged.

  4. Families and community members are involved with school and life-long learning.

  5. Students, families and community members are linked to resources representing one or more of the following six domains: Youth development, Student achievement (academic support), Recreation and enrichment, Health and mental health, Workforce development, Parental and community engagement.

Who are the partners in this Initiative?

Mayor’s Office, Baltimore City Schools, The Family League of Baltimore City, and 7 community-based organizations. 

How does Community Schools align with the Mayor areas of focus?

Community Schools aligns with the Mayoral Initiatives of Better Schools and Stronger Neighborhoods.  Community Resource schools support academic success of students, and involvement of parents and the community.  Neighborhoods are engaged in school activities and are offered resources through the community school. 

How do I learn more?


Family League of Baltimore City - Sarah Butts, 410-662-7113

City Schools – Karla Jenkins,, 410-545-1870